Introduction to the Charities Internal Audit Network (CIAN)

Founded in 1994, CIAN has over 140 members working in a wide range of charities, many of which are household names.

CIAN has the active support of the Charity Commission and the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors UK and Ireland.

The aim of CIAN is to assist its members in the effective discharge of their responsibilities and to promote the profession of internal audit in the voluntary sector, thereby helping charities to achieve their objectives more efficiently. To this end, CIAN provides its members with a LinkedIn forum for the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities for further training.

To achieve this aim CIAN undertakes a range of activities and provides a number of services to its members.

  • Quarterly meetings at which expert speakers talk on selected subjects followed by a group discussion and an informal networking session
  • Access to the CIAN directory, listing all members, their Internal Audit department and charity composition and their contact details
  • Training opportunities with competitive rates
  • CIAN library of audit templates, publications and presentations
  • Recruitment section of internal audit vacancies within member organisations
  • Links to other relevant organisations and forums for examples charity retail auditors, information security groups and the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
  • LinkedIn forum to discuss and share ideas here

All members of CIAN should be aware of and endorse the standards required of professional internal auditors as applied by the
Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.

Membership of CIAN is free and available to any charitable or not for profit organisation interested in furthering the objects of CIAN.

Information on becoming an internal auditor for a charity here

CIAN is a registered charity Number 1087283.