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Fraud Research - Appeal for Assistance

posted 30 May 2016, 04:17 by Shelley Chambers

 The Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group (CSCFG) was launched by The Charity Commission to support and develop counter fraud activities to reduce the harm and loss to charities as a result of fraud. Dr Janice Goldstraw-White, a criminologist who specialises in fraudster behaviour, is conducting research for the CSCFG about fraud in charities and is looking to interview convicted charity fraud offenders and those responsible for anti-fraud issues in their organisations.


  • Do you have any contacts for fraud offenders, or details from fraud cases you are willing to share?
  • Would a representative from your charity be willing to undertake a short telephone interview with the researcher to talk about how they manage fraud?
If you are interested in participating please email Janice