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IPPF Evolution Consultation Documents

The IPPF Evolution consultation has been launched, here are the links to the three key documents:

Survey response template

Draft Standards - to read before completing the survey

A template to use to collect responses to the questions prior to cut and pasting the collective responses into the survey for submission

The name will be The Global Internal Audit Standards (The Standards), and here is the new logo:

We will be gathering your feedback at our next Network Meeting on Thursday 23rd March 2023 after a presentation on the IPPF Evolution by Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Adviser, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors. If you can't make that session but want to feedback via CIAN, please email with your feedback.

We'd like to say a huge Thank You to Liz for providing us with these documents and we look forward to the presentation!

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