Upcoming CIAN Meetings:

Contact bookings@cian.org.uk to book your place.  To book your place, you must be registered as a representative of a CIAN member charity / not for profit. 

Next Network meeting - 2pm, 18 December 2020 (webinar)

CIAN will hold a virtual network meeting commencing from 2pm. The speakers for this quarter are:

1. Technology and Data “Hot Spots” in Charities - Mark Luckins (Head of Technology and Data - Crisis) 

In today's increasingly digitised COVID world what are the primary risks facing technology leaders in charities, in cyber-security and beyond? Mark will share his thoughts and experience. Followed by Q&A session. 

2. Risk Management and Top Charity Risks - Paul Rao (Director, Business Risk Services - Grant Thornton) 

Paul will talk through what good practice in risk management looks like and and common weaknesses in the risk framework. From an audit lens, we will consider what risk management framework and tools you should expect to be in place in charitable organisations. Paul will also give an overview of the top 10 risks from a recent charity risk benchmarking study conducted by Grant Thornton.  Followed by Q&A. 

Following the meeting, we will host an informal social/networking session to allow CIAN members to share experiences and Christmas wishes. This will also be hosted virtually - BYOB. Although not quite the same as the usual catching up in person over drinks and nibbles, we hope this gives some opportunity to interact with each other.  

If you would like to join the Network Meeting, please email us at bookings@cian.org.uk so we can send you the meeting invite.

Slides from all previous network meetings are available in the resources section in the members' area of the website.  Some sessions have also been recorded. Details of our most recent meetings are included below. 

12th October 2020 - Virtual Forum on Remote Auditing

CIAN members were invited to join a virtual forum on Remote Auditing.  This included a brief introduction before a free discussion for CIAN members to share experiences and good practice. This was followed by an informal virtual social/networking session. Due to the nature of the meeting, this session was not recorded. However, the resources area of the website does include a folder of remote auditing resources which were discussed (this is within the COVID-19 resources folder).

18th August 2020 - Webinar Network Meeting

The following recorded presentations are available in the resources area of out website, in the Network Meetings folder: 

1. Counter fraud for charities - Alan Bryce (Head of Development, Counter Fraud and Cyber-Crime, Charity Commission)

Alan presented on charity counter fraud, including the Charity Commission's 2019 National Fraud Report findings and fraud issues arising related to COVID-19. 

2.  Internal Audit Code of Practice - Liz Sandwith (Chief Professional Practice Advisor, Chartered IIA) and Gavin Hayes (Head of Policy and External Affairs, Chartered IIA)

Liz and Gavin presented on the 'IA Code of Practice: Guidance on effective internal audit in
the private and third sectors' which was published for the first time in January 2020. 

Slides for both these presentations are also uploaded and there are additionally slides available for the CIAN COVID Benchmarking Survey: Highlights dpresentation, compiled by Darren Goorwappa, CIAN's Feedback Lead and Head of Internal Audit & Quality at Community Integrated Care. 

11th August 2020 -  Charity Sector IA Virtual Forum 

This virtual meeting for Charity internal auditors was hosted by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors who talked through the key lessons learnt from their HIA Virtual Forums over the past few months, with a Q&A session to pose your questions to the Institute.  A slide of the key lessons is available in the COVID-19 Resources folder in the resources section of the website. 

7th July 2020 - Webinar Network Meeting

The following recorded presentations are available in the resources area of out website, in the Network Meetings folder: 

1. Returning to the Office – what’s the risk? (Sarah Hillary, Partner and Stuart May, Senior Manager - Risk & Advisory Services, BDO) Returning to work after an extended working from home period will come with its own risks. These need to be managed, just as any other risk would – carefully and appropriately. Not all risks will warrant the same attention, but an effective internal audit team will be in a strong position to advise on these risks and support your charity plan a safe return. 


2. Horizon Scanning and Re-thinking your Forecasting (Mark Sykes - Partner, BDO Drive)
While the world is rightly focused on the health and wellbeing of individuals during the current situation, leadership teams need also to have a grasp on the financial resilience of their charities to ensure the right actions are taken today. But you can only truly understand your resilience if you have the right forecasts in place. Mark gave an excellent presentation on Horizon scanning and good practice for re-forecasting in the uncertain situation we find ourselves today. Highly recommended if you will be auditing forecasting/reforecasting at your charity. 

Recent CIAN Meetings:

Upcoming CIAN Training courses:

Auditing Culture and Ethics - Rescheduled date TBC

Our planned March 2020 training course has been postponed and we hope to be able to instead offer this training course in Q2/Q3 2021 subject to sufficient interest. The Auditing Culture and Ethics course will be presented by John Cheshire and will cover:

•  A targeted overview of culture, including theory, models and current issues

•  Why organisational culture is so topical

•  Developing a practical framework for approaching an audit of culture

•  Auditing culture – good practices and addressing the pitfalls

•  What are business ethics? Theory, models and current issues

•  Auditing ethics – good practices and addressing the pitfalls

Please contact training@cian.org.uk to register your interest, submit your ‘free training place’ application or for further information.

We are reliant on members' feedback for the topic selection of future training courses. If there is a training course you would like to see, please let us know at training@cian.org.uk

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